Clear-ly Ponding

Wow, once again I can post photos. What a surprise! This is a different vantage point of the pond.

It has been a long time coming.

The pond is finally clear. I almost feel as if the pond was representative of the way I have been feeling of late. It surprises me so much how many people do not value the days that they have on this earth. They fritter them away for themselves and sometimes try to take down people with them. Well, that is just not going to happen.

The pond had many issues this spring. First we had incessant rains. I think that the wet spring exacerbated what the pond has to deal with regarding spring mess. The ‘helicopters’ and the other bits of plant life being dropped by the locust trees was a heavy thing for the pond to endure. I think the intense rain managed to dump more of that into the pond than normal, before I could even fish any out. The rains also push mulch into the pond as well. Fortunately, I have now had it landscaped so that the pond is totally surrounded by small stones that can act as a filter. I learned that from what the Deerfield High School students have done in the slough behind the high school.

The past few days have found me with more pond time and I have changed out the filter, scooped up handfuls of decomposing detritus from the bottom of the pond, and tightened up the stonework around it. The main Laguna filter, missing a part, was a serious impediment to the progress of filtration and thanks to a sweet lady in Massachusetts, we are now up and running. I am still wondering how the part could have possibly disappeared. As I have mentioned before, this part was one of the few not available for purchase, which is surprising, but I am certain that virtually no one ever needs to replace it.

It has been so hot of late that I have had to replenish the water in the pond from my rain barrels. I have three of those, two that receive water directly from the downspout and one that receives excess runoff from the other two. It is a good system and one that gives me a barrel for the pond, another for watering plants by the house via a long hose (and surprisingly good water pressure), and the third for cleaning the extremely dirty pond filters. The dirty water I get from the filter cleaning goes on the roses or other plants that are in need of a boost, thus keeping me from using chemical fertilizers.

We also have a composting bin and it provides us with compost tea, a dark water filled with nutrients from the decomposition of the vegetable matter we put in the rolling bin.

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