Two dogs and two girls

Lincoln on my lap, Stewart at my feet.

Our oldest grandkids just got back from a trip up north to Michigan and the day after arrival ended up at our house for an overnight. Their parents are in Indiana for a wedding.

Lincoln their dog, is also with us. We were wondering how the canine aspect of the overnight would be.

Lincoln is a bit of a couch potato so he is a good one for Stewart. The two chased each other all over the yard, got into a little mischief in the plants, but were overall very good. We, of course, had some concerns as to their noisemaking, given where we live, but they were really good. I mean, as the police said to us and to the malbor, they are dogs and deserve to do what dogs do as long as it is not excessive. Stewart never was excessive and Lincoln barks less than Stewart did. Lincoln will get onto a barking jag, however, if he sees people he does not know on the street. Stewart’s anti-barking collar has changed his whole demeanor, and frankly, it is pretty much a positive. He barks when really needed but he doesn’t carry on.

The girls were wonderful. The overall theme of play was ‘hotel.’ Signage was posted everywhere, Numbers were placed on bedroom doors, and paper ‘key locks’ were made so that we could enter them. This morning, Samantha served us coffee and made the bed up.

When the girls went to bed, after we watched Rio 2, I somehow ended up with Lincoln on my lap. Although he is larger than Stewart, probably between 55 and 60 pounds, he thought he should be with me. Stewart was at my feet.

We were watching a program on Netflix about Russia and the Romanovs. It was absolutely fascinating, but apparently not fascinating enough to counter the fatigue that I had been feeling all day. We will have to watch it again. I really needed a nap and didn’t have one so that when we finally sat down after the girls were in their separate bedrooms, we crashed. At some moment when MK woke up, she snapped a photo.

The morning is going well, the oldest grandgirl has been serving us in her hotel play and the younger one is catching up on her Zs.

The weather is delightful, it is sunny, skies are blue, and it is hovering between slightly warm and slightly cool. Happy Sunday.

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