Hot in Deerfield

We are having breakfast on the patio and although it is comfortable, it is supposed to get very hot and muggy. Apparently, that will change within a day or so and get nicely warm and less muggy. I am not sure what this is due to.

The raspberries are starting to be ready. I checked the red currant and it looks like a less than fruitful year. I had moved a good amount of them and the plants are doing well, so maybe we just have to wait another year. The black currant, an experiment, are not amounting to much of anything. The gooseberries, another experiment, are doing well.

It is only several days ago that the hibiscus, that I weathered over the winter in the house, has bloomed. The plant is exquisite, so I think we may have many more blooms to look forward to. The Passion Flower is just now starting to grow like crazy. Everything is on time delay. The roses are back on track after a serious trimming and the one in the back has pretty much produced no flowers. The one in front, normally a huge bloomer, was less than great. My mother’s poppies, always growing in pretty much the weirdest places, are doing well. The coneflowers are great in the front, not in the back. The lavender had to be cut way back as there was much winter-kill but the plants (and there are baby volunteers) are doing great. The area next to the fence and driveway is devoid of anything, everything having pretty much died out.

I had picked up some dahlia tubers from Home Depot and the plants are doing well. I am looking forward to seeing some blooms soon there.

Despite it all, the view from the patio is stunning. It is not the most floral aspect of our yard, as it is wet in the way back and my plant experiments have not reaped bright colors, for the most part.

The latter part of last week was one in which we truly got to enjoy some peace and tranquillity on the patio, our outdoor room. I am hoping that the ability to do that continues.

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