Less by Andrew Sean Greer

LessLess by Andrew Sean Greer
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It is a good read, somewhat hard to follow at times. It flits back and forth as so many current novels do between past and present.

It is the story of a man who is not comfortable in his own skin. He is gay and although he thinks he has ‘come out,’ in so many ways he is closeted. His closeting is due to his inability to deal with a society that wants to put him in a box. He needs to get beyond it. He shouldn’t have to get beyond it, but given the way current society is, that is a necessity.

Once again, society needs to see that human beings need to be left alone. There is no perfect model of human. Although perhaps a majority of people are heterosexual, that doesn’t mean that that is what God meant for things to be. There are variations and shades of everything and those in the majority don’t have the right to force their thoughts on others.

From a language standpoint, this is a fun book as it shows how someone who ‘thinks’ he speaks the language of another country and culture is actually misinformed and making errors right and left. The main character, Less, in traveling in Germany, demonstrates this. The author put in English what would be perceived by a native German and it is hysterical and so true. Paraphrasing Saint-Exupéry, language is a source of misunderstanding. We don’t always perceive what the person communicating with us wants us to understand.

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