The other day, I saw an acquaintance from the gym, a guy that I have spoken to from time to time and for whatever reason, we got into talking philosophy. Not necessarily heavy duty philosophy, but simple philosophy about the meaning of life, what we are looking to impart to others, and how beautiful and yet short, life is.

The day was less than what some might consider the perfect day. I saw Dan as I was walking out of the gym, a chance meeting because for whatever reason, the gym stars aligned. I have not been at the gym all that often of late, as going to the outdoor local pool is my activity of summer choice. He was about to head in and do his time. We looked at the sky, a sky of gray and clouds, a sky that had just imparted a good amount of rain and in its wake, had cooled the air a bit, killing off the humidity that has been prevalent for the past few days. We both marveled at the beautiful day. Others might not have thought so.

We talked about sharing what was on our minds, how some might think that it was kind of odd that we were doing so, maybe being too ‘intimate’ in the details. We agreed that doing so seems to be a good thing for us, perhaps not for all others, but we have a certain need to do so. I keep thinking back to something I shared with Dan, the talk given by Bruce Feiler. In his talk and a book, The Council of Dads, Bruce talks of his realization that he might not be around for his daughters when he finds out he has a rare cancer usually only kids get. He finds out how important it is to share stories, to tell stories of our experiences with our families. He feels that sharing is the glue that holds us all together. He feels that more of us need to do that.

Dan mentioned how he reads my blog via our connection on a social media site. He told me that he enjoys it because in it I am sharing my life and experiences. In sharing these ‘stories,’ we come to the realization that there are commonalities in our lives. These commonalities are a method of bonding. They keep us sane.

Life has changed and the bonding measures we used to take in the past are not the same. Bonding with others is like anything else, constantly evolving. Men, for example, are certainly not hunting together to procure food, as done in the past. Bonding can often occur via sports, but what about those of us who are not heavily into sports and being sports spectators?

Writing a blog post and sharing my life is a method of connection and intimacy and also a method of catharsis.

It is hard to believe but I have been doing these blog posts for well on nine years. Who would have known?

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