Thoughts of Snow (Patrol) and…

I was doing tasks while listening to music: taking fresh rainwater from the rain barrel behind the garage. I have rigged up a hose to the front of the garage for ease of use.

I am not sure what jogged my memory about Snow Patrol. It is an alternative group that I have always liked and for whatever reason I was not following in terms of more current albums. I found out that they are a group from Northern Ireland but based in Scotland. I also found out that my albums were quite old and that there were a couple newer ones. I have a subscription to Apple Music so I downloaded them and started listening to them as I was wandering around the house ‘putzing,’ as Mary Kay always puts it.

It was quite enjoyable and I was reminded that Music is what makes me happy. When I am not in the best mood or if I am doing some heavy duty work activity, listening to music helps me get through it faster and in a better mood.

Snow Patrol is one of my favorites that for whatever reason I have not been listening to all that much. It is as if I have forgotten them. It is considered alternative music and in the genre of Coldplay, which I love.

Whenever I think of Coldplay I think of John Oliver and how he thinks it is seriously less than great music. That may be, but it makes me happy. I also like the group Parachute, an American Pop Rock Group from Charlottesville, Virginia. All three groups have a similar effect on me.

What would life be without music?

Then there is classical music, which at different times, does the same in terms of elevating my spirits.

I understand that some of us are more affected by music than others and some of us need it more than others.

When I am in the car, alone, I always play relatively loud music, something that is noticeable when I get back in the car later. For whatever reason, I prefer listening to some kind of music in the car, not audio books, not NPR, etc. I appreciate the previous things as being good but they are generally not for me.

Anyway, I am happy to have refound the Snow Patrol.

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