Nutscene and it isn’t just my domicile!

The best twine ever!

I got home from Stratford and of course immediately fell into my work routine and started noticing things that needed my attention.

The intense heat had depleted the water supply of the pond, which is clear by the way, and despite Michael having given it to drink from the rain barrels, it was needy. The rain barrels have pretty much run dry.

We did some spot watering here and there as it is extremely hot.

I pulled out some caulking that I had purchased and used it to repair mortar that is showing the need of tuck-pointing. I had done some ealier this summer and went to purchase more of this caulk that is cleanable with water and yet super strong. I went online and Home Depot’s price was literally twice what I had paid at the local Mutual True Value Hardware Store. I went there and purchased the last three tubes of it (for half of Home Depot’s price), but this time I got smart and purchased it in tan instead of gray. I did that before going to the pool with two of my grandchildren and their mother. It was one messy job but the hot day was perfect for it and now the brick looks better and is protected. I still have a bit more in the other area of the house, but I will not attack that today. I shall hold myself back.

Another thing I attacked was the extremely tall mums that I should cut back. Last year I did several times and I seriously did not see a big difference. The reason one cuts them back is to force more growth and keep them from being too lanky. I didn’t see much of that last year so this year I am being lazy. So I grabbed my twine, Nutscene, that is. It is, as advertised, the ‘ideal garden twine, waste proof, will not tangle, jute twine, and soft, pliable and strong.’ You grab the twine from the top of the can and it easily comes out. Christian, our eldest, told me that he needed to know where I got it from since it is perfect for his climbing pickle cucumbers. I use it to tie up any of my plants and it is the only one that lasts forever, or so it seems. I went on Amazon and although it is not cheap, it IS worth it.

I guess you would say that this ‘nut’ is really back into the ‘scene,’ if you know what I mean.

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