Thoughts of Subaru, Compost, Being rear-ended, and broken teeth

My new ‘Nature Bible’ from Mary Reynolds. Check out the film about her ‘Dare to Be Wild’ on Netflix.

We started out the day by taking my car to the garage for service. While returning from Canada (and I thought I heard an inkling of it beforehand), we heard what I correctly recognized as exhaust system issues. I had been waiting for that for some ten years! The car is almost eleven years old, has well over one hundred thousand miles, and the exhaust system has never been touched. I have never owned a car like that before, to say the least although I am kind of guessing that Subaru is not the only auto that has this going for it.

Our other car is in the body shop. Before going to Canada, I was at a standstill as the light was red going north on Waukegan Road in Deerfield and I was directly in front of the fire station. A very nice guy from San Francisco in a rental car rear-ended me. Insurance, thank you State Farm, took care of everything and gave us a loaner car for the duration of the repair.

We are thus down to one car, something I know the future probably portends for us. Personally, I am hoping that it is a long way off.

Today, I took harvested compost and filled the cracks in the back lawn, hoping as Mary Reynolds said, that it would help break down the clay. I thought of it as a great idea since I have a compost barrel of new soil. I then used a hose to wash it into the cracks and watered the parched lawn. I am hoping to fortify it once and for all, as it still has not come totally back from the original patio installation. It has been years of work.

Tomorrow it is the dentist and I will get my teeth cleaned and hopefully my filling repaired as I was eating some wonderful Spanish mix with hard corn and once again cracked a part of a tooth. That stuff is off limits to me now.

It feels like rain. I am on the patio with the beautiful birds attending to the feeders. They are going crazy for food this week. Life is good. Malbor is in his house. YES!

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