You never know when…

Dr. Pagi phlox in the back yard.

I started out my day by going to the dentist for my semi-annual teeth cleaning. I also had a molar that has suffered from my ‘love of crunch.’ I ate some ‘Spanish Mix’ which had some hard things in it and when done, realized my upper left molar was missing a piece.

When I arrived, I noticed that my dentist was looking a little tired, but normal otherwise. I had asked him how he was and he responded in the normal way, not giving details, but led me to believe that he was holding something back.

I pursued it.

In doing so, I found out that he had pretty much died and was resuscitated.

He said that he had recently seen his doctor and was doing well in all areas. He had no reason, other than past heart history, to think anything was wrong. He was brushing his teeth and apparently passed out, pretty much gone. His son performed CPR, the ambulance was called, and the rest was just touch and go. He said to his adult son, “Now I know why I have you living here.”

To make a long story short, he told me that 98% of the people who have happen to them what happened to him don’t survive. He was one of the lucky 2% who managed to pull through.

Once in the hospital, they put him into a drug induced coma and hoped and prayed for the best. His issue was caused by an ‘electrical problem’ which is now taken care of by a pacemaker.

For all practical purposes, he should not be among us and yet, after one week in the hospital and another for convalescence, he was back at work.

All I can say is ‘amazing!’

So, today when you read this, remember that our lives are so fragile and that it is by sure serendipity and luck that we survive.

Carpe Diem!

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