Ice or Iced Tea?

In the olden days, I always made lots and lots of my grandmother’s iced tea, her version of Arnold Palmer tea, made way before Arnold came up with it. Too bad we didn’t market it way back when. It was delicious, using frozen lemonade, tea bags, a bit of sugar, and lots of water. I don’t make it so much anymore because of the caffeine and the sugar.

Today I am making iced tea, a variant however, that is made in the sun in cold water.

I did have a bit of confusion this morning as I could not decide something that in my youth I knew like the back of my hand? That is whether or not it is ice tea or iced tea. Looking it up, my confusion continues. There did not seem to be a definitive answer.

Back to the sun tea, the other day we were at our eldest son’s house and he served us some sun tea he had made. It turns out that a southern friend had told him to buy Luzianne Tea, a southern staple. Southerners are known for their delicious iced tea, usually sweetened. This tea is amazing and it has been around for a hundred years or so.

So today, after heading to Jewel to find the Luzianne tea, I found our old Sun Tea bottle and set it up in the sun. So, in the intense heat of the day, we shall be able to have a pleasant libation.

Wonderful iced or ice tea!

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