I ‘Endeavour’ to watch good TV

We don’t watch a ton of TV but we do enjoy shows from the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Of course, our watching is dependent upon our ability to stay awake. Sometimes, as it happened yesterday, our grandchildcare might affect us later in the evening.

The latest show we started, or at least we thought we started, was Endeavour. It is a prequel of the PBS show Inspector Morse.

Our friend, Jack, had asked us if we were watching it, and we said that we weren’t. That changed quickly.

As it turned out, it was tough to find the beginning episodes. We were also not sure how we had missed them. I ended up going to the Deerfield Library and getting the first two seasons on DVD.

As it turns out, we had actually seen a bunch of the first episodes in the first season. We kind of skimmed through a bunch of them.

We are now in season three and although the beginning was great, I am finding the third season easier to follow. I don’t know about most people, but I find that British shows are best with the closed captioning or subtitles. That way if you miss something, you can see it and look it up. It was funny as last night they spoke of ‘touching wood’ for which we would say, ‘knock on wood.’

Another show we have been watching of late on Acorn TV is Bed of Roses, an Australian Production. It is very entertaining: the story of a woman whose husband suddenly dies and she finds out that he was intending to leave her. She ends up returning to her small hometown with her daughter and works on repairing her relationship with her somewhat estranged, eccentric mother.

Then there is the Australian production, A Place to Call Home, whose last season is about to begin on Acorn TV. We cannot wait.

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