Canvassing for the vote in Kenosha, Wisconsin

MK did some research into helping candidates. We have never worn a badge or helped a candidate but the time has come.

She looked into helping Cathy Myers in her fight for the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin. It covers of Kenosha and Racine counties as well as parts of Milwaukee and other counties.

She had already donated a small amount to Cathy’s campaign, something we almost never do.

On Friday, we got a call from them and on Saturday, we went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the city of MK’s birth, and did some canvassing. We arrived there just before ten o’clock for some information on how the process works.

It was an interesting neighborhood consisting mainly of older people and with a few single moms and people of Latino heritage.

We got a special app for our smartphones to keep track of the people we talked to and for gathering info. The heat was relentless and by the time we got home, around two or so, we were ‘woofed.’

We had a list of thirty-six people to contact in a quadrant of Kenosha. Some of them were not home, some were, some were in agreement about our candidate, and some were not. Given the crazy way that streets are marked in Kenosha: Numbered Avenues go north and south (39th Avenue) and Numbered Streets go east and west (45th Street), I find it quite confusing.

Cathy Myers is a former teacher and seeking the spot now taken by Paul Ryan. She is interested in keeping Medicare, strong on women’s rights, and obviously education. This Tuesday is the Democratic Primary and she is going against a man who has had his issues in the past, one of them being his not paying for his own children’s child support.

Our hope? To work toward assuring a better place for our children and our grandchildren. It sure would be nice to have someone like her in place of someone like Paul Ryan.

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