The day after…

Lucky and Stewart on their Wednesday get together. With Lucky, there are no chipmunks or squirrels to be seen.

As much as I love the grandkids, I savor the day after they are here to bask in the loveliness of retirement and although I am clearly not sitting around resting on my supposed ‘laurels,’ I don’t have anything that is demanding my attention. Perhaps that last statement is wrong, my mind demands all sorts of things from me, tasks that it deems that I need to do, but at least if I don’t do them, it is not a problem. I do my best to keep those thoughts at bay, but clearly I give in to them in the end.

I took Stewie for his walk and was surprised that although the rains had ceased, that the temperature was a bit cooler than I had anticipated.

Although I am seated writing this post, my mind is wandering to a couple things I want to do this morning. I have some volunteer water irises growing in the DMZ on my half of the strip that I finally want to remove. They don’t receive enough water to bloom and their look is not one that I view as worth keeping. I intend to go out there and yank them out, leaving the land I have there for sedum.

Several of my well established sedum plants have mysteriously gone black, probably victimized by the malbor and his infamous collection of Monsanto chemicals. I use pretty much nothing; his whole horticultural repertoire is completely chemically based. Perhaps that contributed to the lung and breathing issues he currently has.

I intend to clean out the aerator in the pond. The pond is beautifully clear and providing joy for all of us. The grandkids so look forward to feeding the fish and I want them to be ready to face what could be a heavy winter. Given the way the birds have been eating, this month of August, one would think we are in for a harsh one.

Our yard is chemical free and very green and has nooks and crannies for all to enjoy.

Okay, enough of this, I am out to take a look at the yard and to stop being lazy.

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