The above photo has a story. This is a baby grapefruit tree that was originally a seed that started in a grapefruit that we received from our son and his family as a result of their trip to Florida, earlier this year.

Of late, I keep hearing about the benefits of storytelling, how it is the glue that holds us all together. In these exceedingly troubled times, I guess that is what forces me to think constantly of the stories behind all sorts of things in my life.

The other day, we had Marc and Matt over for dinner and Monopoly. We had an incredibly fun time, to the point that we had no idea how late it even was.  It was fun playing Monopoly as well and it was amusing how we all had different, yet often similar recollections about the rules. It is interesting how we had the same thoughts on some things, like taking the money in the center of the Board when you land on Free Parking, and yet we could not find it in the instructions.

Marc turned to me at one point and said that it seemed like so many things he asked about had a story. As I ponder that, I must agree that it is true, they often do.

One of the ‘stories’ I came up with was the playhouse we have. How it was a result of our putting on an addition. We wanted to have an addition that fit in with the rest of the house and didn’t look like an addition. We therefore wanted to match the redwood that covered the upper portion of our bi-level. Normandy Builders told us that it was too expensive, so we ordered specially milled cedar for the vertical planks that were fit together to form the upper level.  The problem was that they didn’t order them in the proper lengths and Normandy noted that they would not be able to use the product of the first milling. I asked them what they were going to do with the pile of cedar planks and they said, “If you don’t use them, we are pitching them.” That was all I needed to hear.

I paneled the laundry room with the planks and the upper portion of what we call the rec room, an unfinished room much like a basement under our Master Bedroom. There was some left over and Mikey started, on his own, making a playhouse. I saw that and found some plywood for the front and back and we put together a simple playhouse with a door and a primitive round window. Over time, it morphed into a garden hut, and then was moved, put on a platform, given a new pergola and front deck, and a new real window with a screen (thanks to Christian).

That is the story for the day.

Yes, Marc, pretty much everything that touches my life tells a story and most of my storytelling is done in blog post.

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