The municipal pools are closing and it is still August and HOT!

There are a few things that confuse me. Why, for example, do we need to start school in August? Why do we not generally have academic periods that end with final exams before the winter break? Why do we use daylight savings time? Why do we start school so early in the morning for teenagers when we know that they are not at their best?

Why do the pools close in August?

On Sunday, we all met at the pool for a quick cool off before celebrating Diana’s birthday. It was horribly hot, one of the hottest days of the year. Deerspring was packed. We realized that our other Deerfield pool, Mitchell Pool, was already closed for the season.

Every year we have some tremendously warm days in September and yet the pools are closed. Deerfield has a major issue with not being able to get anyone to work. Part of that, without a doubt, is clearly the unwillingness to pay a better salary.

It is annoying. You get those extremely hot days and you would like to take a dip and… no outdoor pool open. Deerspring is scheduled to close in a few days.

Sometimes things just don’t make any sense.

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2 Responses to The municipal pools are closing and it is still August and HOT!

  1. Pat Poulin says:

    We have the same problem and when I asked, they said it was because all the lifeguards are back in school and they cannot get other lifeguards. But to respond to your other questions I ask these same ones every yr. you are not alone!

    • I have always said that they should tap into retirees and look into other possibilities. Obviously, there is testing and preparation of the people there that might be a problem. The biggest issue is the pay that keeps the kids from working. Our lifeguards in Deerfield are currently so young (and slight in stature) that I don’t know how they can even pass the tests. It is annoying, however, as so often now the major heat that we miss in June is in September!

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