Not a kayaking day!

We had hoped to put aside Wednesday for kayaking and as it turns out, the weather wasn’t in agreemeynt.

We have had some severe weather for the past few days and besides, we had a long grandchildcare day yesterday, so I am good with this.

Despite the very heavy rains, we have no standing water. Our large, grandkid pool was blown down (it was standing up against the fence) and filled with what seemed to be about two inches of water.

The plant life is doing well. The dahlias I bought from Home Depot are all blooming finally, except for one. I planted them as soon as I could in the spring and obviously not starting them beforehand was a mistake. I learned my lesson this year. Next year I will do dahlias but make sure to start them beforehand, putting the tubers in soil and pots and giving them a head start. The malbor had purchased his as plants, a better idea perhaps, but even so, I am not totally sure that I didn’t plan well. We still have enough good weather before the cold spell sets in and I am guessing that we shall have a continuous, beautiful display. The pompom flowers in magenta and pink are nothing short of amazing.

I was out earlier with Stewart and it seemed pretty warm. Now it is much cooler and gray.

I am mapping out my tasks to come. I still think I am going to attack painting the kitchen, that is, if we figure out a color for it.

I have been consistently organizing in the garage and I realized that my cabinets (taken from the kitchen when we remodeled a few years back) are looking awful. I am thinking of painting them with a nice gloss black or gray. Doing so will make the garage look a lot better.

Shame on me, working on my honey don’t list…

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