Mail Merge Issues

Fortunately, no fatalities in this bizarre, Lake Cook Road, Deerfield accident.

Mail Merge is a wonderful thing.

On the other hand, mail merge is the work of Satan. It is angelic when it works and demonic when it does not.

Yesterday, I did the mail merge for the snow plowing business contracts for MK (who does Richie’s snow plowing books)and the contract merge went as smooth as a charm. That is not always the case because although I have been doing mail merges for close to twenty years, I don’t do it as often as I would need to to remember the process well.

I went to do the mail merge for the Avery address labels and although one or two of the sheets worked, most didn’t. In retrospect, I think it has to do with how they fed into the printer. I need to remember this for next time so maybe this blog will serve as a reminder next year.

It doesn’t help being an immigrant to Technology, but despite my understanding of my shortcomings in the area, I do pretty well for an older sort of guy.

I will say that last night, I didn’t really have to spend an inordinately long time doing the work. Sometimes, it has been immensely frustrating and finally involving the infamous google search to find out what the process is from start to finish and how to go about it.

Today, MK sent out the snow plowing contracts, a bit hard to believe since it is ‘hotter than blazes’ as my mom would say. The pools are all closed and I am guessing that we are going to have a very hot time of it.

Meanwhile, I am approaching three hundred words, which is kind of my goal for each post. I got the idea from ‘800 Words,’ a favorite television series from Australia/New Zealand. Its main character is an Aussie who writes a column of eight hundred words and e-mails it to his boss from his new family home in New Zealand.

Ciao, à la prochaine.

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