The sandpaper crown

A view from the top.

Here the buzzed wonder is driving with his grandpuppy, Murphy.

Nobody told me that buzzing my head to the quick would result in difficulty pulling my t-shirt off. My head feels like a human imitation of sandpaper.

That is the case these days as I figured that the summer was the best time to just shear off the locks that are left. I will admit that pulling my t-shirt off can be a slight issue as the shirt gets stuck.

The overall end result is liberating.

I just cannot kid myself that my hair is going to grow back, right? Comb overs are not my cup of tea and perhaps the strange coiffure of #45 with its inimitable Cheeto color may have pushed me to the edge with the idea of head buzzing.

As it turns out, I have been buzzing it since a little more frequently than once a week and I am happy with the results.

I will say that it feels really weird when there are cold drafts and I don’t know whether or not I shall continue this in the winter.

But hey, what hair I do have does grow back and not having to worry about the neck hair or ‘monkey hair’ as we Koerner guys call it is no longer an issue. I don’t have to wait for one of my sons to clean up my neck with a straight line anymore.

Now I can easily pull out the ‘Peanut,’ a great trimmer with an electric cord, better than the battery or rechargeable trimmers, and my rechargeable Brio hair trimmer that I have had for some time and never had to put on its charger. I originally thought the Brio would do the job best but I actually like the ‘Peanut’ since it leaves me with a cleaner feeling buzz. The good news is that doing it every few days or so, there is virtually no mess and I keep monkey hair at bay.


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