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If you are a blogger, having an easy means of reducing the size of a photo you want to use is an issue. Not that it is difficult to do so, but it takes a few steps.

A few years ago, I found an app for my iPhone and iPad that does the job easily and puts the redone photo in a media file within WordPress for easy use. I find that it is one of those unsung apps, one that nobody knows about, that is really a godsend.

It was made by someone in Germany and when I have had issues with it, it has not been the app, but the communication between the app and WordPress. When issues arise, you can contact the guy who formulated it and he will respond in a very helpful manner.

For the longest time, it did not work the way it should and I subsequently found out that the problem was that a plug-in that I was using on WordPress was the cause. Since my deactivation of that plug-in, it has worked like a charm.

It is funny about apps, I have had so many and jettisoned an equal amount. You think that they are going to be helpful; you download them, and they end up being duds, taking up space like tchotchkes you find in your house and wonder why you tolerate them.

This is not one of those apps. This is a keeper. It is worth its weight in gold for those who want to post photos to their blogs. Unfortunately, it seems that it is only available for IOS devices.

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