Two coats and a Symphony

What a symphony! Those of you who care about classical music and have not experienced the Lake Forest Symphony are missing out!

The second coat of paint always goes on more smoothly and faster. Invariably, I forget that and that was proven out as I was stalling to get started on a Sunday morning, not wanting to leave my coffee and newspapers.

I did manage to force myself out and within a few hours, the cabinets were pretty much completed and the backs of the doors as well. In the end, the coverage was just a shade under needing a third coat of paint. I will know more tomorrow. I am guessing that being garage cabinets, I may just forego the third.

Of course, as I wrapped up the paintbrush, I realized I hadn’t done something. One of the cabinet sides had not received its required second coat. So I had to unwrap the brush and reopen the can of paint.

So far, it is looking really good. I have the door fronts to paint and then I get to put the hardware back on and reinstall the doors.

After that, I have to paint the filing cabinets, which have already been primed.

I did this all before noon so that I could get ready to go to the Lake Forest Symphony. I am excited as the program and the Symphony are both top notch. Here is the blurb:

“Lake Forest Symphony begins its season with one of Carl Maria von Weber’s most popular works, the Overture to Der Freischütz. Following the overture, one of today’s leading cellists, Julian Schwarz, makes his Lake Forest Symphony debut with Shostakovich’s landmark Concerto for Cello. Maestro Kulenovic then leads the orchestra in Tchaikovsky’s famed Fifth Symphony, a striking romantic staple and favorite among audiences everywhere.”

The paint is drying and I am excited about the concert.

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