The weather and such…

I cannot get over the dahlias and the colors!

The weather is such that I don’t even know where my ‘Honey Don’t List’ might go. Do I put the net up early to keep leaves out of the pond? Do I start preparing the plants that have done outdoor time for their movement into the house? So many questions, so little time.

Actually, I am more concerned about the massive hurricane growth in the Atlantic (and Pacific too). It seems kind of crazy.

We have friends who had just arrived in North Carolina only to realize that their vacation is going to be cut short as there is an evacuation in progress. I just saw that Washington DC is under possible attack as well as they have already gone beyond their normal amount of rain and their land is mush. Any more rain, coming as a result of the hurricane hitting land, would cause serious issues. As if DC doesn’t have enough going on?

Last night we saw the President remover, Bob Woodward, talking about his book, ‘Fear.’ We can only hope that he is able to add another President to his ‘take down’ list. I remember oh so well being in my Ford Pinto without air conditioning on a hot day on a Chicago highway when we heard the joyous news that Nixon had resigned. The only problem this time is that the Vice President is almost scarier than the current man in office.

As a total change of subject here, I am writing this in a Word document and all of a sudden all the words are coming up underlined in red. I know the issue, I need to highlight everything and put it the entire document in English. For whatever reason, periodically when I start typing, it switches language. I guess my laptop is way too bilingual.

We are waiting for our grandson; his sister is going to preschool for an introductory segment, with her mom. He will be with us while it is all taking place.

Okay, I am beyond three hundred words, I guess my stream of consciousness is over for the day.

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