On being excited

The two little ones staring at the chipmunk needing a relocation.

There is little excitement that compares to that of a young child.

Today, as we watch our two youngest grandchildren, we have noticed that someone is quite excited about the fact that she is going to her Pre-school Enrichment program after lunch. She has been at our house since just after seven and already she is ‘chomping at the bit’ about going. The concept of when it is and why it cannot be sooner is on her mind and her anticipation is quite obvious.

The fact that she is going to Pre-school is totally on her mind and colors everything we have done this morning. Sometimes, the behavior is slightly off because she, being a normal, intelligent child, just cannot wrap her head totally around the idea that she just has to wait and be patient.

We adults find it hard to be patient but we have had many years of preparation and we realize that sometimes, we just have to wait, whether we like it or not. To a small person, that concept is something you have to grow into, it is not a part of the DNA.

We did everything we could to provide an exciting morning but there is little that can compare to the intense feelings she has. She is already worried about getting there on time. Little does she know that she is going there with the king of being on time. The only way to be late while being with the king of on time is by dillydallying to the point that I cannot get my charge into the car.

I remember as a very young child being totally obsessed with being on time and how frustrated I was with a mother who viewed time constraints as illegal encroachments on her very being.

So much for that, it is going to be a great experience.

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