Internet duty and oil base paint

Murphy, our beloved grandpuppy, the sweetest dog ever, the one who taught our Stewart to be good with other dogs and kids.

I have often thought that being reincarnated and coming back as a Koerner dog might well be a wonderful thing.

I am at one of my sons’ homes, waiting for the Internet guy to show up, filling in since the times they can come are often so impossible for those of us who must work for a living.

MK had stayed here about a week ago when they had given a four-hour window of time when they would come. They didn’t show.

Internet has been an issue, overall, in Koerner lives. We had Comcast Xfinity out several weeks ago. Things didn’t improve except for the area that we got special extenders to improve our house coverage. Then yesterday the Internet dropped completely. I didn’t really believe MK when she told me and I told her to restart her devices. Then I realized it was not right, and restarted our modem to no avail.

Such is modern life.

The AT&T guy arrived at 9:00 AM. I have only been here an hour, bonding with my Black Lab grandpuppy, Murphy. He and I have a special bond since he was a puppy and sat on my lap during the time that Samantha was a baby and she is nine years old. I have a photo, somewhere, of Murphy and Samantha both on my lap as I am reading a book. He needed puppy care and I was home with Samantha, taking care of her. To this day, Murphy likes to sit on my lap or immediately adjacent to me as he and I have a special relationship.

So, here I sit, hopefully making any decisions that need making to the best of my ability.

I shall go home and hit the oil base paint, once again, this time touching up the cabinets where they need it and putting a first coat of paint on the filing cabinets. I am looking forward to finishing up my garage redo, which is also bringing about a few constructive changes in terms of storage placement.

I am hoping to enjoy our beautiful day, unfortunately when the Carolinas are under fire from Florence the Hurricane.

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