Swedish death cleaning and final painting in the garage

The garage is in disarray as I complete the second coat of paint on the filing cabinets.

I started painting the filing cabinets. Although I had originally not removed the hardware (drawer handles and metal label frames), I decided as I was about to paint, to make a change of course. In the end, my perfectionist tendencies took over. Perhaps I should know myself better and maybe I just should have started out with what I knew was going to inevitably occur in the first place, listening to my inner, perfectionist train of thought.

So I removed the hardware, set it aside, and planned on removing any of the primer that I had inadvertently ‘smeared’ on it.

It was an easy deal. I removed the drawers, cleaned out the insides (one cabinet has a bottom, the other is open) and then oiled the ball bearings so that the drawers open more easily.

Painting was so much easier with the hardware removed and I took my quart-sized can of new paint and put some in the rolling tray. I was worried that my second quart would not be enough. Frankly, this paint is not only easy to work with (it is oil base paint), but goes far and covers well. The gloss surface it provides is number one, thank you, Rustoleum! I rolled everything I could, which was pretty much everything, and then put the roller and the brush, neatly wrapped in cling wrap, in the freezer.

This morning, the day of the second coat, since you have to wait twenty-four hours, I decided to reorganize the drawers, throwing needless stuff away that I have saved, in the garbage. I vacuumed the drawers out.

Painting will occur after the Comcast guy leaves. He is here to sort out our seemingly omnipresent Internet issues.

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