Completed the garage project

This is a far cry from the disarray in the previous day’s photo. I am happy to have liberated space and used what I have better.

It was a very hot day and one in which my thermometer registered more than 90 degrees in the garage.

I moved the filing cabinets into place and of course scratched them in several spots. I touched them up with the paintbrush that I had placed in the freezer along with the roller.

Once the cabinets were in place, I put the label hardware and the drawer pulls on and then ‘gingerly,’ as my mom would say, attempted to put them on the tracks and slide them in, hoping not to damage the paint job. It took me several drawers before I got my mojo and once that was all accomplished, I was able to do some reorganization of the things I have in the garage.

I was all over the place.

Around 11:00 AM or so, the two youngest grandkids and their mom came over to hang out. I was just finishing up. We had a great visit as the kids played and ended up in the larger of the two pools we have.

After lunch, they left to put the youngest down for a nap and I went back to work. I cleaned the patio of all of the little, actually tiny locust leaves and then I repotted a bunch of orchids that I have had outside all summer. Being outside has actually caused me to have less to do with them as they seriously enjoyed the humidity of being outside and yet somewhat protected in a mini-greenhouse I have in between the houses.

It was a long, hot day as the humidity is hovering around 60%.

The garage looks spectacular and I actually have more room now since I have inventoried everything, rearranged things, and thrown out a good amount of stuff that I will never use.

Next I have the kitchen to attack…

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