A day in the city and…

We had quite the busy day. It started off with a chimney sweep. I found the chimney sweep situation to be quite interesting as they gave a fifteen-minute window of arrival and they texted all information to us, price, etc. It was a good experience with ‘Chimney Monkey’ and we were so impressed that we had them do the dryer duct as well.

We then went downtown for our monthly meeting at the Canadian Consulate. That was followed by lunch with Darrelyn, my former colleague and now fellow committee member of the Chicago Associates of the Stratford Festival.

We kind of hightailed it home as we had a four o’clock appointment with a new friend from the neighborhood. Gordie, a man of similar age to us, had been walking his dog, Lily, one day and passed by our house. Samantha, her sister, and cousin, were doing dog washing. We started talking to Gordie and it ended up by our saying he and his wife should stop by some time for coffee or drinks on the patio.

It actually happened.

The weather was in the above ninety degrees; always my worry as the pools close and September sets in, so we had a nice rosé with an apéritif in the house. We had a delightful time. It turns out that Gordie and his wife have several children, one of whom is married to a French woman who comes from the Loire Valley, where I had studied as an undergrad. Small world it most certainly is. Gordie’s wife is a retired social worker from the elementary and middle school.

It all boils down to this; you can never have too many friends. Sometimes, they are right around the corner from you and you are not even aware of it.

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