Internet, love that Wi-Fi and hate it!

In the past few weeks, Comcast Xfinity has been out to our house twice as we once again play with the poor Internet coverage. You would think that we live in a very large home, as some areas of it are just less than desirable in terms of service. We have even gotten to the point of having Wi-Fi extenders, now having XFi pods from Comcast. I think that they call it a ‘mesh’ system. They actually seem to be working.

Each Comcast guy seems to have his forte. The recent one, a tall, nerdy looking guy, was wonderful. He came up to me and asked if we had some sort of connection or device going into one of the bedrooms. I couldn’t remember anything but he showed me that there was a coaxial cable going into the room (from the outside).

I honestly couldn’t recall anything. It was only way after the fact that I remembered that originally we had our router in the office upstairs and perhaps that’s what it was.

He kept complaining of a buzzing of interference that he was detecting. He finally ended up disconnecting the cable outside. Now I realize that this probably goes way back to the Wi-Fi we had with AT&T.

To make a long story short, the changes worked and I was in the far depths of our very long garage with my laptop and realized that I still had our Wi-Fi coverage. Of late, even getting any service on the patio was a big deal, so this was amazing.

My blog, which normally takes a long time to load up, now loads up with no time lag.

Let’s see if this lasts…

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