Maggots of all varieties

Every once in a while you see or read something that reminds you that the feeling of despair that seems so prevalent in the nation is not as bad as you had thought. Things happen to make you see that there are good people out there and people who are thinking all of the time. Sometimes things have to get worse before better as difficult as that is to take.

I don’t know why this a particular article from CNN struck me. It is not necessarily talking about the wondrous humanity of some people, but more of a sense of entrepreneurship. On the other hand, what they have chosen to do is amazing and good for the environment in a very bizarre way.

I get a daily update from CNN via e-mail and this one caught my eye. This is the quote that caught my eye: “Two brothers want to revolutionize the food industry with maggots
The words “food” and “maggots” should never be this close together.”

Maggots just plain gross me out. When I was a kid, I found a baby rabbit in the back yard and realized that it was wounded. I found numerous holes in his body and saw that he was being devoured by maggots. I tried to pull them out and thought I had, but the poor bunny died.

Ever since, I cannot abide the sight of them. I can abide neither the real maggots nor the political creatures who resemble them.

Nonetheless, I had to read this article and it intrigued me how you could take disgusting flies, hideous maggots, and actually do something good with them. They use the flies to lay eggs on food waste and produce lots of maggots that not only eat the waste but can be used as feed for animals and for producing a compost related byproduct as well.

For some reason, it intrigued me and made me think that when things are bad, there are thinking people out there who can take horrid things and make gold out of them.

I wonder who is out there to convert the nasty political situation and turn it around to fight evil and turn it into good.

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