Family Camping Trip to Kohler-Andrae

Wearing my hat purchased when we went out west to Yellowstone. It was one cold weekend in Wisconsin with threat of frost!

We are anything but perfect, but we are family.

MK and I are quite the proud parents and grandparents as we were invited to go on a September camping trip with the entire family. I felt like visiting royalty as our sons, their wives, and their kids, made us happier than the clams we often talk about.

I am not big on cold weather for camping but we managed it. The funny thing is that usually, camping at this time of the year is far from cold! A few years ago I went on a family camping trip with the kids, but this time MK and I went. We got a cot to match the Navy cot that I have from my dad and we put our sleeping bags on them. We now have a tent that you can enter standing up and change your clothes when standing up as well.

We all went to Kohler-Andrae State Park just south of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, about a two-hour drive from the North Shore of Chicago. The menus were planned by our eldest and youngest and our middle son came with his wife and kids on Saturday, as opposed to our Friday, but we had an absolute ball.

Were there glitches? Of course! Our youngest grandchild, who loves camping, was so upset about going to bed Saturday night that it took him a long time to do so. Then he woke up in the middle of the night wanting to (and expressing it) go ‘outside!’

It was all worth it.

We are normal people. We have issues and we work with them. We do not shove issues under the rug; we explore them, talk them out, and deal with them.

I can totally say that we are a functional family, a family with typical frailties, but we know how to get together and have a good time.

Everybody pitched in, although at times I was reminded that I didn’t need to do anything. It was wonderful reminiscing about the days when our camping experiences revolved around our packing, planning, cooking, and working hard to provide fun experiences for our kids. Here they were all doing exactly that and taking care of their parents as well as their families.

MK wasn’t feeling her best, having gotten a cold earlier this week and I am not a cold weather camping lover. Despite my wanting to conquer that issue, I blew it, forgetting to take my extra wool blankets and maybe purchasing hand warmers to use for my feet. I was truly cold during the first night as the weather dipped to the low thirties, but I learned from it and next time I will conquer it.

This time I had a wool cap, several merino layers, my winter jacket wrapped around my feet, and amazing long underwear, but I didn’t control it.

Wait till next time!

Thanks to my intelligent, beautiful, caring family for a GREAT time!

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