After camping drying of wet tents in the garage. It had rained all night and the tents were wet when we took them down.

Camping brings up the idea of bathrooms.

Is there nothing more revolting than a pit toilet? Okay, yes there is, a dirty, uncared for pit toilet where people have been abusive by being slobs.

Kohler-Andrae State Park in Wisconsin was not one of those places. This state park had the best pit toilets I have seen in a long time. The good news is that it was near our campground; the good news is also that although close, it was separated from us by a short walk via a path through bushes. Neither odor nor view was available from our site. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper were available and it was startling clean.

Obviously, there are times where you want more than just a pit toilet. The first time we walked there on our recent camping trip, we knew not of the shortcut. Despite that fact, it was not that far. It was great because on the men’s side, for example, there were several stalls, several sinks, Dial liquid soap in a receptacle on the wall, and several showers.

When it is this cold out, showers are a thing you really don’t desire. You are lucky to get your teeth brushed, your hands washed, and maybe your face if you are lucky.

This all brings me to a conversation we had when we were sitting around the fire, wondering where all the odd names we have for bathrooms when you are out and about came from.

Restroom comes to mind. Can you imagine having to use a restroom to rest? I know that some people do unimaginable things in restrooms, but I will not go there.

Lately, I have been using the term ‘washroom’ for bathrooms, but when I think about it, it sounds so weird. It is kind of like the ‘salle de bains’ in French which is where you find a shower or bathtub or both. European homes don’t necessarily have toilets in their bathrooms and often the toilet is in a separate room that doesn’t even have a sink. You have to search out the sink when you exit the ‘toilet room.

Then there is the military term for bathroom, the ‘head’ or you might talk about the latrines.

Okay, enough of this bathroom humor.

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