It’s that time of year!

Pavers with locust leaves. Inevitably, they end up in the house and all over the floor. They also get attached to Stewie’s fur!

Yes, it is that time of year. Locust leaves are everywhere. It is even hard soaping down my plants that are outside and then rinsing because it is hard to remove the locust leaves before I bring them in. With my cacti, I have had to resort to a pair of tweezers!

The orchids that were sojourning in the covered étagère greenhouse are all in. I brought them in through a window and cleaned the tracks while doing so. We had the windows washed and I must say it was the best of jobs but the guy who does it doesn’t really do justice to the screens or more importantly, the tracks and window exteriors.

The Norfolk pines are now washed. I used a soapy spray on them yesterday. The Christmas cactus, which had a great growing time outside, is also clean. I have to cut down the hibiscus and wash it, but it has so many buds so I am waiting.

I have done nothing with the pond, as I am watching the weather and the leaf dropping situation before I put up netting. The locust is dropping like crazy but the netting is useless because of the size of the leaves. They fall right through the net!

The garage is still loaded with tents (mine and Mikey’s) and most of it I cannot move yet as they are still damp. I am carefully marking everything to make installation of them easier the next time. Sometimes, the rainfly looks disturbingly like the tent itself.

I am almost at a point of moving the outdoor furniture into the garage, but that is still dependent on the garage and tent situation.

Yesterday, we were supposed to get our new dryer but due to the fact that the installers were not aware that they had to move the gas line to accommodate the new dryer position about the washer, it did not happen. It is now scheduled for Friday.

My father’s graduation watch is an issue as I retrieved it from the man who ‘repaired it’ and even he was concerned, as it didn’t seem right. It is not and I wrote a Yelp review of him breaking his record of five stars from everyone with my one star review. He wrote a reply on there that I need to bring it back in and he will attend to it and maybe even reimburse me for my time and trouble. I am fearful of giving it back to him but feel I have no choice. I am more than happy to amend my review and hope that I can.

Okay, off to the gym, it has been too long.

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