Locust leaf heaven!

I went outside with Stewie this morning and could already sense that the impending heat had arrived. It came, of course, with the humidity and I am sure that the mosquitoes will be there as well.

I am not sure how long it will be here, but maybe that is a hint to me that I should get into gear and pull the pond pump out. I shall see.

It will soon be cold.

I noticed that for the most part, trees are green. Our backyard locust is one of the first to go and it is half done. Its deposits have been extremely annoying. No matter what you do, there are leaves everywhere and they cling to shoes and dogs. Our entryways have special LL Bean rugs that attract water and dirt and they are great receptacles for the tree droppings.

I am drying the houseplants that I washed so that I can clean their pots and bring them in to their regular locations.

The tents are still hanging and I am about to hang the doors on the cabinet in the garage, taken from the laundry room. All of my garage cabinets are now ‘Smoke Gray’ and glossy. Easy to clean and more pleasant to look at than the dirty white they used to be.

I cannot wait to get my tents put away, I am guessing that after today they shall be dry and I will be able to lovingly fold them up and put them back in their carriers, this time with more organization to make it easier to put them up next time.

Our recent foray into camping was a huge success despite MK needing to see the doctor for allergic asthma symptoms caused by allergies and a cold that has been plaguing her. I got the cold over the weekend but it has so far been the mildest cold I have had in a long time, let’s hope that stays.

Let’s enjoy the day. It is like summer.

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