Fall transitioning and my Honey Don’t list

The pond filter and pump lie torn apart on the driveway to dry out for the winter sleep.

Despite the warm temps and Mother Nature attempting to fool us with the seasonal transition, it is fall. The fall brings with it some of the nicest times of the year and one in which we switch gears and get ready to hunker down once the weather tells us to do so.

We have done no decorating yet for the Halloween season, but that is coming. We do have a pumpkin in front of the house, one that is damaged already by the chipmunks or squirrels. I guess they thought they could tap the food source within, only to find that it was still too fresh and perhaps hard.

Our grandkids asked us if we had done any decorating, my sense is that we shall be decorating with them when we pull out the Halloween and autumn things.

Meanwhile, my focus is on transitioning everything from the patio into the garage and then finding the time to paint the kitchen.

Luckily, I have the paint needed to do the latter job. We are going to paint the kitchen a very light tan with a white ceiling.

Once I have accomplished all of the preceding things, I am hoping to ‘hunker down’ in my own way and do my best to keep my Honey Don’t list to a more reasonable number.

That is all easier said than done. The minute I say that, my mind starts whirring once again and I find things to do that will incite Mary Kay to say, “No!”

This week is a busy one, one in which it would have helped not to be under the weather as both Mary Kay and I are. My cold is way easier to take than hers, a mild cold, something I rarely experience. Wednesday is a play in the Loop, Tootsie, and Friday and Sunday we have plays in Glencoe and Lake Forest, respectively.

Meanwhile, what is my next task?

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