I received an e-mail from TravelZoo, in the not so distant past, about Broadway in Chicago. As it happens, we got tickets from them and for less than $100 we had wonderful tickets to see Tootsie in the Cadillac Palace Theatre on a Wednesday night.

Broadway is going to be happy. That was one wonderful play. The main character, Michael Dorsey, AKA Dorothy Michaels, was done extremely well by Santino Fontana. Santino is a person with not only good acting skills but also the ability to sing extremely well when he is himself, a male, but also horribly well as a female. His falsetto is perfect!

It starts out that Michael Dorsey is an actor who complains too much and gets fired from his acting gig and decides to come back as a female and try his luck since he feels he is pretty much blacklisted. Even his agent fires him.

It is hysterical from start to finish. Michael’s roommate, Jeff Slater, played by Andy Grotelueschen, is an amazing foil with unbelievable timing.

I agree with others that the first musical number of the show seemed a bit lame and boring, but it did provide the information needed for the story to continue. The other numbers were much better and one even made me think it was based on a Beatles’ song.

We had a great time from start to finish and our seats in the balcony, for the ridiculously cheap price we paid, were quite good.

It was a great evening and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Tootsie is not to be missed. Hey, I am guessing that you will be able to see it on Broadway.

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