The Garage and Laundry Room

This morning, the Abt guys called and said they would be here between 8:00 AM and 10:00. At just after 8:00, they arrived. These new guys looked at the situation and apparently needed one more thing to complete it than what they had been told. They moved the old washer out, the new one in, stacked it on top of the washer, and left. A short time later they returned and completed the work. I put the room pretty much back in order and went into the garage.

The garage was waiting for the tents to dry; there is still one rainfly to go. I was able to rearrange, repurpose the Rubbermaid containers, and still have room left. All of the Rubbermaid containers are correctly marked. I used paint thinner to clean off the markings if they were not correct and then redid them.

I had put down the 2′ x 2′ rubber foam tiles down in the area of the garage, in the deep end, to stand on when I am at the workbench. It serves two purposes, better for standing and it covers the floor and its cracks. Once again, cleaning is made so much easier. For an easy clean, I can use the rechargeable blower to send those locust leaves where they belong.

The rubber foam tiles are dual purpose. When we go camping, I can take twenty of them (I have twenty-four) and put them on top of the tent footprint, thus protecting the tent and making it easier to walk on as well as to sleep on if we are sleeping on the ground. It also serves as insulation. I have them set up so that nothing is on top of them and I can just lift them up.

All of a sudden I feel as if we have a deluxe laundry room and a deluxe garage. Now if only I could have a larger kitchen and a mudroom. At least the kitchen will look larger after I paint it!

If only…

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