Little Foxes at Citadel Theatre

We have been on a theatre roll all week with two great plays: Tootsie and Witch (at Writers Theatre). We were wondering if the roll would continue on Sunday with The Little Foxes at Citadel Theatre.

We did continue that roll as the play was amazing.

The cast:
Terri Lynne Hudson as Addie
Williams Anthony Sebastian Rose II as Cal
Alicia Kahn as Birdie Hubbard
Scott Phelps as Oscar Hubbard
Ryan Leonard as Leo Hubbard
Saren Nofs Snyder as Regina Giddens
Eliott Johnson as William Marshall
Thom Thomas as Benjamin Hubbard
Anna Civik as Alexandra Giddens
Tim Walsh as Horace Giddens

I was sad to see that the house wasn’t full as the play was top notch in acting, scene, and costumes as well. One wonders how a play written in the late 1930s will fare. Given the universality of the subject matter, a dysfunctional family that tries to pass itself off otherwise, but is hindered by the sexism and racism of the times, and the money that is more often than not the cause of evil activities. The story takes place in a southern venue with the Blacks treated periodically like family, but more often like chattel as they ‘served’ their white masters.

The Citadel theatre is one of the hidden gems of theatre on the North Shore of Chicago and is a decided bargain.

The story line starts out with a business deal that requires the partnership of three family members, one sister and her two brothers. The sister commits her husband’s money, such as it was in those days (she had no control over it) and one wonders how far we have actually come sometimes. He was in Baltimore due to heart issues. Illness and bad feelings intervene and plans don’t proceed exactly as planned, causing less than appropriate actions.

It was beautifully done. My only question is what it might be like if one were to take that play as it was, and update it for the current times. The themes are universal and I think it would make the transfer very well.

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