A Star is Born

The dahlias are exquisite as we head into Halloween.

It has been a several weeks of the Arts.

It has been several weeks of unbelievably, high quality theatre and then we went to the movies.

We were blown away by that…it has been some time now that we were drawn to see the newest version of ‘A Star is Born,’ starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Bradley Cooper directed it and he and Lady Gaga wrote more than one of the impressive songs on the film soundtrack.

I suppose that one should not be surprised that a francophile, a person who is fluent in French like Bradley Cooper, could be that talented. He spent six months in college studying abroad in France and I once heard him speak and he does quite the fine job. Okay, so I mm a bit biased about people who like French and who do study abroad.

I will be upset if this movie and its stars are not well rewarded at the Oscars. This movie is amazing.

They changed the story a bit; this is the story of a well-known rock star, in search of a drink after a performance and chances upon a bar with singers in drag and whose only actual female singer is played by Lady Gaga. She sings ‘La Vie en Rose’ by Edith Piaf and does one hell of a fine job. He is enamored and pulls her onto the stage when she comes to one of his concerts. On a side note, I am amazed by Lady Gaga’s beauty when she has her natural hair color and little, if any, makeup.

Naturally, he ends up giving her that one chance that makes her successful. She, Ally, had stated to Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), that she had given up, being told that her music was beautiful but that her nose and face would prevent success. I sense some reality there. In any case, Ally’s career takes off and Jackson Maine’s situation does a dive.

The filming, the music, the acting, and the timing were all amazing. Andrew Dice Clay played Ally’s dad and Sam Elliott Bradley’s older brother.

Let it be mentioned that among other preparation for the movie, Bradley Cooper underwent diction lessons so that he could sound like Sam Elliott.

From start to finish, this movie was a wonderful foray into film.

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