Heatwave, Cold, fall transition, and random thoughts

The first thing on my mind this morning was the frost that was blanketing the roofs and grass. The latter was only visible with frost on shaded areas. Yes, it has finally come and only a few days after a major heat wave. I thought that MK’s allergy woes would be over but apparently we need more than one frost for that.

My bald head is definitely feeling the effects of the cold and I wore a wool cap to walk Stewie. Maybe it is time to pull out the béret?

My plans for outdoor transition are not complete and I am hoping for a few more warmer days to do that. The garage is complete as I put the foam pads down by the tool bench and completed the edging (which had not been complete) by ordering a roll of edging and completed the juncture between the foam pads and the huge floor mats.

I still have the furniture out and the outdoor lighting (for reading) and will attend to that soon.

The pond is netted and I have an aerator in it and need to plug in the heaters. That is for another day.

I still have several dozen daffodils to plant and will do that also on a warmer day.

Most all of my plants are in except for the hibiscus. I am keeping that in the garage at night and if it appears that warmth is no longer coming, I shall cut it down and bring it in.

Meanwhile, the status of my kitchen painting is up for grabs although I think I shall still be able to attend to that.

Stewart, furry animal that he is, is in his glory as he can bask in the sun and not feel that he has to move to get out of the heat. He also doesn’t have the compulsion to get wet and jump in the pond or a pool.

I do have to get some wood stacked near the house as our newly ‘swept’ fireplace and chimney are set to go.

Ah, the fall…

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