Voting is coming and as I saw that a friend on Facebook had already voted, I wondered why I had not seen signs in town for doing so here. As it turns out, that is next week and I intend to hit the polls and vote a straight Democratic ticket as soon as I can.

There are some Democrats that I do not like and I have gone back and forth in my head as to what I should do.

Along came a candidate that sounded really good and who listed himself as an Independent. I hemmed and hawed about the situation. I see his signs on the neighborhood yards, here and there and he is listed as an Independent. His signs list NOTHING of his party preference. Then I did further research to find that he is listed as an Independent Republican.

Interesting to see that there are those Republicans who are embarrassed enough by the current situation to want to distance themselves from their own party.

In my years of voting, I admit that I have voted more Democratically than otherwise, but I hesitate to list myself as a strict Democrat. My roots are Democratic as I come from an ethnic, very working class family. My grandfather lost his job with the railroads for striking.

This year, I feel I cannot waiver. There is too much at stake. I feel as if our country is going down the tubes. It shocks me that there are those in my acquaintance who never ever speak of the scandalous nature of our national government. It makes me wonder if they support what I view as a totally Fascist wannabe situation. I cannot separate in my head what is going on from what went on in Germany with the rise of Hitler.

Times seem dire. There are so many people who need to get out and vote, they need to make their needs known and the ballot box is the place to do it.

I am frightened.

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