Fall is in full force

Most of the trees do not look like this.

Fall is in full force today. The temps are on the cool side, in the fifties, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the leaves are pretty much all green. No Global Warming the supposed government says, perhaps they are right, but frankly this looks odd as we look at the calendar and realize that it is late October and almost pushing into November.

Halloween is the next major holiday of importance and our house is ready. We had our four-year-old granddaughter help us as we pulled the storage boxes out of the crawlspace and take out all of the fun decorations. Halloween is a fun holiday as there is no stress of making a fancy meal and there are no major gifts to be purchased beforehand.

The yard is almost ready; I still have the patio table to cover and the rain barrels to tie down. Last year I covered them in plastic, I think that this year I shall leave them open to the elements.

The pond has a net over it and the only leaves in the water are locust leaves that slip through. So far, my easy fix net coverage (huge net over a clothesline) is working well. The aerator is still pumping out air and the fish are slowly going dormant.

I still have potatoes to harvest. Each year when the potatoes start going bad and pushing out roots, I throw them into the ground, taking something almost rotten and allowing it to become viable food objects that we can use in the kitchen.

The noise I hear is pretty much the omnipresent suburban noise: mowers and power landscaping equipment. It is annoying how it takes over the audio world and wreaks havoc with the peace that we might otherwise have. I just wonder why we have not addressed this problem, but the major reason is that we no longer take care of these things ourselves, but instead employ people trying to make a living and get as many jobs as possible done before the winter sets in.

Okay, I have hit almost three hundred words; time to put down the laptop.

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