Winter, it is!

It may not look cold, but it is!

It is cold.

It is winter. Okay, maybe not technically winter, but it sure feels like it. A cold front came through with winds as high as sixty some miles per hour and brought with it the cold weather. Walking the dog was an almost shocking thing as I had a hat on and even gloves.

The trees were shaken and small branches and twigs are on the ground for pick up. I have already picked up a few and put them in our fire pit in the back yard.

Actually, it feels like Halloween, the only thing missing is the rain. For whatever reason, Halloween as an adult seems to always be accompanied by the sprinkles. Children may not be tormented by goblins, but they sure are by the weather. As a kid, I don’t remember many rainy Halloweens although let’s face it, that was many a year ago.

The sun is out, that makes it all good.

Am I doing any work outside today? No. Working outside in the cold is not my favorite thing. That is why I hustled when it was still warm. Now is the time for me to be Rich Koerner lazy, which may not be the standard definition of lazy.

The fireplace is the place to go today and ours is operating as we speak. In my seasonal transition, I had put some logs by the back door and some of the logs that I had split to get the fire going more easily. The chimney was just cleaned and we are good to go.

Getting the fire going easily is kind of funny. I cheat as when we put the fireplace in we had them put in a gas starter. It is wonderful.

There is nothing like a fire in the hearth. Most people don’t seem to like the work or the dirt that accompanies it, but I grew up in a home without a fireplace so I am therefore enamored of the idea.

Morning breakfast was by the fire and so was reading the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times Sunday Edition.

Seasons have changed.

The next question is whether or not the winter shall be harsh. That remains to be seen.

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