The sun shines and malbor continues

This is one very sweet dog, much hated by malbor. That says it all.

Yes, Virginia, the sun shines and it is good.

The weather is cool, almost cold, but I can take this. It is wonderful and although I miss the warm days, this works. I like the fall. As it turns out, it is hard for me to choose my favorite season because although the heat and humidity can be daunting, I love the fact that I can go outside and I love the ability to get into a pool of water. If I were not such a wimp, I would swim in the lake. To me, Lake Michigan is always cold and cold water decidedly isn’t for me.

It has been a long time since I have mentioned malbor, but he was up to no good yesterday. Because of his illness, he has been out with much less frequency and it is generally with an oxygen canister nearby. This is good. I was at Oakton on Monday morning and came home to find that malbor had called the police.

Our dog is the reason. Stewart is not a barker and at this point, I almost would love to have him bark since the terrible excuse for a human being living next door dislikes it. The fact of the matter is that for Stewart’s sake, we put a collar on him that shocks him when he barks very loudly. Stewart rarely gets shocked these days and often we don’t even have the collar on him since he hardly barks. Apparently, Stewart barked about four times (that is pretty much the most he will bark in succession) on Monday. That was enough for Mr. Nasty to call in. We had our usual cop, Officer Wes, and he was sorry he hadn’t brought Stewart a treat. Officer Wes agreed with us that malbor is not looking to be in great health.

Malbor made me think of legacies, what we leave others behind when we are gone. He certainly doesn’t think whatsoever of that. Everyone is right in thinking that he is abusive and an inherent bully. He is narcissistic and uncaring. In his world there is one way and that is his way. He sounds like a version of the man in the White House and I cannot help but think that 45 actually gives this person license to continue to behave as an idiot.

Winter and his inability to be outside will be a godsend.

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