Saturday at the Botanic Garden

I found out that we were having our two regular charges (that we have twice a week) on Saturday. Their mom was presenting at the ICTFL Conference (The Illinois Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). Their dad was going to be hunting and so childcare was necessary.

We picked them up and took them to the Botanic Garden. It was a great moment to do so as the fall has revved up and the pumpkins were out due to a fall jack-o-lantern lighting thing going on in the evenings.

We had breakfast there: muffins, scones, and bagels and then we went out to walk around. The carved pumpkins were amazing, some were just the standard fare and they lined the walkways. Others were masterpieces of pumpkin carving and still others were beautifully painted and covered so that the weather wouldn’t affect them.

The kids enjoyed the walk and seeing all of the fall fare and most importantly, pushing the ‘poussette’ or stroller that we brought just in case. We actually had to monitor the time as the two and a half year old kept saying, “My turn!”

The idea of letting them push the umbrella stroller is really a tough one when you thing about the welfare of the other people visiting the gardens. Neither of the two was happy when either my hand or that of Mary Kay landed on theirs to help better guide the stroller.

We had a great time, it was only marred at the end when we had to leave the Garden Store as the littlest one could not wrap his head around the fact that he couldn’t push the stroller in the store. Then when he had settled down, he was pushing the stroller out of the garden building toward the parking and lost it when hand holding was demanded, as it always is, when we are crossing the street or are in a parking lot.

We had a great time, however, Rome and children’s behavior were not built in a day. Overall, they were both amazing and we had a very fun time.

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