If only the current situation was only this scary.

The Nightmare continues. If you had told most of us of the frightening situation we are now in, we might not have believed it.

The Elections of 2016 certainly brought out many surprises and most of them are anything but good. The Fascism that was aroused and the horrible things that people are doing across the country and the world are signals that we have much to do to turn this around.

Voting is crucial. I only hope that enough of us are scared into doing our civic duty.

It seems ridiculous to even read the newspaper anymore. Watching the news before bedtime is not wise.

Today I was reading in the New York Times about the end of the Obama administration and how they were getting things under control so that oil companies were not managing to get land out west for fragging. Now it appears that the laws have been turned around, making it easier to rape the earth.

Every day comes with its own special set of tragedies. We now have the Pittsburgh synagogue where people were gunned down.

Clearly I could go on and on. Unfortunately, I am pretty much only preaching to the choir.

The arrival of Trump on the National scene has given rise in our country and in the world for people with negative agendas to come out and act upon them. Racism seems totally out of control; religious hatred is up. Again, I could go on and on.

It seems pointless to read the papers or watch the news. Just the other day, we stopped watching one of the local news channels because the reporting had become very sensationalized and is truly making an attempt to appeal to our dark side.

I can only hope that all of the recent tragedies will remind us all that we need to go the voting booth and vote in responsible people who can stop the hate…

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