Removing the kayak rack!

My two kayaks safely hanging in the garage.

Well, I had good intentions.

The kayak rack is coming off MK’s car today. I managed to use it once. Considering that I have two kayaks that pretty much managed to be ‘couch potatoes’ in my garage all summer, one wonders why I even put the rack on at all.

Again, good intentions. I keep wondering how it is that retirement or even pre-retirement, can be this busy.

I keep telling my kids to hurry up and buy some vacation property so I can drop the kayaks off and be an annoying parent and show up at the vacation home all the time so I can use the kayak. For whatever reason, that is just not happening.

One of the reasons I haven’t gone as much as I should have is the weight of the kayaks. They are about fifty pounds each and I can easily get one of them up on the car but not two, unless I have help.

I keep wondering if I should just bit the bullet, as they say, and sell one of them and buy that thirty-two pound kayak that would make it all easier. Hell, I could even rack that on my little WRX! Or I could just buy it, but then I would have three kayaks hanging in my garage.

Meanwhile, time is a wasting and I only went ‘yaking’ once.

I am sure hoping that next season I get my act together and get out on the water more often. I love doing it but sometimes the grind of the ‘on and off’ of the car stops me.

I need to be better about it. I need to be less of a couch potato. Wait, it wasn’t as if I wasn’t doing anything, I just need to prioritize better.

Next year.

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