This is a favorite from Bigelow, great with a bit of sugar. There are bits of orange among the black tea leaves.

The days are beautiful, a bit cool, and I although I prefer them sunny, there is something special about a cool, fall day that makes you want to get a fire going in the fireplace and have some hot tea as you read by the fire.

Which brings me to the idea of tea. I love my coffee and I hate the fact that its caffeine is an annoyance to my body at the present time. I have luckily found some great decafs. am happy to say that I love tea as well and for whatever reason, its caffeine doesn’t seem to bother me.

I have always enjoyed tea, however, although it is not my breakfast favorite. In the afternoon, or sometimes in the evening, I love teas, be they herbal or black, or sometimes green.

MK and I were watching a program on AcornTV and they mentioned a recipe for what they called Irish tea: 2 teaspoons of Darjeeling, 2 of Earl Gray, and 1 of Assam (a Koerner favorite). You warm the teapot ahead of time and brew for a few minutes.

Days like this make me think of tea. I wonder if it goes back to when I was younger and my grandmother made me some tea. I remember loving tea with lemon and sugar or sometimes with milk and sugar.

I love reading a book with a cup of tea. For some reason, coffee doesn’t have the same effect. For some reason, tea is more soothing, more relaxing. Perhaps it has something to do with the chemistry of the two.

As I said, I prefer coffee in the morning but it has never been because of a need of caffeine. It is more the taste than anything. Lucky for me.

Okay, all that talk of tea, I am going to make myself a cup of Assam.

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