The Big Bang Theory

The view from the front door.

Truly, there must be something wrong with us.

I know that we tried to watch the Big Bang Theory way back when, we were not impressed. Perhaps we were on time delay because, let’s face it, the show has garnered a few awards in its many seasons.

We decided to give it another chance. I went online to our library and sure enough, they had the DVD. We had to wait a bit for it since we ended up on a waiting list, but it was worth the wait.

We got the DVD of the first season earlier this week and lo and behold, we love it.

Again, what is wrong with us?

I know that for whatever reason, there are times that I might pick up a book or watch some show and I don’t have a positive reaction. That totally relates to what I am feeling at the moment, maybe I am just not in a receptive mode. Nonetheless, as silly as the program is, it really is funny because, perhaps, I have enough nerd in me to relate.

Binge watching is thus among us.

Every so often we realize that somehow something has passed us by and we give it another try. That is what is happening here. The brilliance of the writers and being able to catch all of the subtleties of the nerd culture is great and the acting is well done.

So, until further notice, any Big Bang action is in the Koerner household.

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