Après Halloween

Halloween 2018 is over. I must say I am a bit surprised by several aspects of this Halloween.

First of all, it was a nice day, not freezing cold and without rain. That seems like a first as the past few years the Halloween has been freezing cold and rainy.

The kids actually came out in larger numbers although it was slow to begin. The hours in our suburb were from 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM. I don’t think we had anyone until past 4:30 or so.

The kids were amazing and very polite. Because we normally don’t have huge numbers, when I went to give the kids candy, I told them to take as much as they wanted. One girl in a group said to one of her peers that he shouldn’t be so greedy! They all said their pleases and thank yous.

The kids were really cute and this day after I see no evidence of smashed pumpkins. Of note, MK seems to think that the Malbor and his wife were not interested in giving out any candy and pretended not to be home. It seems that they have not left for days. Maybe they aren’t even home, who knows.

MK went to pick up the grandkids and I am about to make some Cream of Wheat, a favorite of late. The other day we had steel cut oatmeal and they ate it well but spoke of good old Farina.

That is therefore on the menu today. The coffee is set to go and the dry cream of wheat is waiting for the water. I make it in the microwave and although it requires a good amount of attention, it is truly delicious.

Off and running this Thursday…

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