Wolves, the American West, and Wrangler jeans

My new Wrangler jeans.

I am currently reading ‘American Wolf’ by Nate Blakeslee. I am mesmerized by the story and the politics of the American wolf and mystified by the craziness of people who just cannot see the ‘forest for the trees.’ All we seem to be able to think about is ourselves. We really don’t think about the environment unless it benefits us.

It is clear, from what I have read about wolves and their importance to the ecosystem, that wolves are, despite our dislike of some of the things that they do, highly intelligent animals that have every right to have a place in our land. When they were hunted out of existence in Yellowstone, for example, the ramifications were massive. Once returned, there was the trophic cascade in which the elk were forced into movement by the wolves, could not decimate the brush and willows, thus allowing the beavers to return. With the return of the beaver dams and new wetlands, the birds and the fish, among others, returned and the land was returned to better health.

That brings me to Wrangler Jeans. Strangely, as I read the book, I was reminded of the importance of Wrangler jeans to the population in the western part of our country. When I was a kid, I remember that Wrangler jeans were among my favorites, because of the way they fit. When reading one of my current, favorite authors, C.J. Box, I am reminded of that. In the book by Blakeslee, it was mentioned again. I decided to check them out today and ended up with a pair. I tried the regular 32 x 30 jeans and it was a perfect fit.

The price is equally perfect well under $30!

I wanted a pair that was very dark blue but ended up with a pair that is great but washed out. I immediately went on Amazon and got a pair of dark rinse.

Reading gives you the most interesting thoughts. Now, back to my wolves…

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