Repairing that annoying Apple Power Cord

Here is a photo of what it looks like after the repair. It certainly is much sturdier and doesn’t look all that bad!

I am very annoyed with the Apple Power Cord for my MacBook Pro. I have two and each one is defective.

It seems to me that MK had to throw one of hers out.

After time, the coating on the wires near the connection to the computer starts to wear out and fray. I have luckily caught it each time and done a strange little repair that allows me to keep it longer. I have also done the same repair on the power cords for my iPhones as well. They are not cheap and they don’t last as long as they should either.

I take some fine string, the type that must be made from some fiber that readily absorbs water and tie it around the end of the cord. I do that very tightly and cut the extra thread down pretty short. I wrap it around the power cord and make sure to completely cover the damage and then go beyond. I tie it down and cut off the excess. I then take some Elmer’s Carpenter’s glue and lightly cover the string that spirals around the cord and make sure that it absorbs the glue. I wipe off the excess and voilà, a repaired cord. I am sure that you could use normal Elmer’s white glue but since I have the Carpenter’s glue, I use that.

It does not take long for the string repair to dry and I need not worry about the fact that it is a glue that will come apart in water since, let’s face it, we usually don’t have power cords anywhere near water.

As I said, I have done this repair numerous times. It is really the easiest and silliest repair ever, but the good news is that it works.

It has allowed me to take what I feel is a substandard cord, one that is really expensive to replace, and make it last a lot longer. Perhaps I should have been smarter and made the repair prophylactically in advance, to ward off the damage.

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